Friday, March 30, 2012

Design Students' Exhibition April 9th - April 13th 2012

Design Students' Exhibition Week

DSA, 5th Floor, Wisma HELP

April 9th 2012 (Monday) – April 13th 2012 (Friday)

Student Participation from subject: 
Introduction to Design (HAA102)

Curator / Lecturer: 
Deepak Menon

Event Details:
The Communication Department will showcase daily exhibitions at the Lower Foyer, Main Block, HELP University. The exhibition will feature student artworks that highlight one or more of the artistic disciplines offered in the Communication Department Curriculum or the work of a specific group of students from the class Introduction to Design (HAA102).  The exhibition is curated and moderated by Communication Department lecturer Deepak Menon. The exhibition is to commence from April 9th 2012 (Monday) to April 13th 2012 (Friday). 

In this project, the students have created a series of images utilising both Illustrator and Photoshop, exploring a wide range of techniques in digital imaging as well as collecting source materials such as scanning objects or images and using a digital camera to create their digital art works.

The themes for the visual designs on display at the exhibition:
  • Family, Hope & Dream Series
  • Environmentalism Series
  • Technology & Society Series  
  • Society & Culture Series

The digital design work was created with good understanding of the language of design as well as the various design elements; Line, Shape, Value, Colour, Texture, Alignment, Proportion, Eye Movement and design principles including: Hierarchy, Balance, Proximity, Rhythm, Repetition, Scale, Unity, and Variety.

Each student has developed 18 artworks throughout the course. Only one work is finally selected for final print and exhibition. Various methods were utilized in creation of the design works including capturing images using a digital camera or scanner, hand drawings and paintings using Photoshop, or any combination of techniques.

The exhibition is an opportunity for the design students of HELP University to experience showcasing their modest but notable creative works, expressing their creative talents via visual design communication as well as for the viewing pleasure of their fellow students and esteemed staffs of HELP University.

For more information on the student works, kindly visit:

Note, all the art works are for sale. 
The designers/artist would be present to negotiate the rates. 
Admission is FREE! 

s p r e a d     t h e    n e w s  ! 


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