DDM3518 Motion Graphics

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to Motion Graphics, which includes the categories of commercial, broadcast, main title and music video. The course will include lectures, showcases and demonstrations of the history, techniques and applications of motion graphics in broadcast media. Projects will cover basic graphic design, typography design and composition principles, animation principles, editing principles, timing and drama, storyboarding, breakdown planning, sound and music synchronization. Appropriate and current industry standard computer applications will be introduced and applied.

Course Objective:
  1. Acquaint students with the immediate and powerful impact of motion design.
  2. Reinforce basic to advance graphic design principles in motion graphics. 
  3. Acquaint students with industry standard software, hardware and accompanying techniques. 
  4. Provide historical and current perspectives in the area of motion graphics. 
  5. Introduce students to terminology and concepts in motion graphics. 
  6. Introduce students to the categories of commercial, broadcast, main title and music video. 
Learning Outcomes:
  1. Basic Skills: Acquire and develop a foundation of art knowledge, theories, skills, craftmanship and technologies, where ideas and concepts are communicated in writing, speaking and art making. 
  2. Critical Thinking: Analyze, interpret, and question traditional methodologies and pre-concieved notions of art and art making through the process of generating and solving problems. 
Course Assessment:
  1. Project 1: Motion Mapping (10%)
  2. Project 2: Kinetic Typography (10%)
  3. Project 3: Motion Graphics (60%)
  4. Visual Diary (10%)
  5. Blog (10%) 


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