MC100 : Social & Business Communcation

Course Description:
This course provides a thorough understanding of the basic social and business communication skills needed for effective communication. The course also provides an orientation to basic communication theories and discusses the fundamentals of interpersonal, written, speaking, listening, and other communication skills which are important in social and business settings.

Course Objective:
To provide students with an understanding of:
  1. The framework for both business and social communication.
  2. The importance of interpersonal communication in the work place. 
  3. The different styles of meeting and when each style is appropriate. 
  4. Learn how to prepare a resume, effective interviewing exercise and presentation techniques.
Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course, students should be able to :
  1. Understand the process of effective communication in both social and workplace environment. 
  2. Maintain a successful level of communication with others and exchange information in a healthy and appropriate manner. 
  3. Compose letter, memorandums, reports and other kinds of documents while demonstrating decision-making skills in solving business communication problems.
My Student Blogs (May-July 2011):

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